Welcome to CMSimple_XH


Welcome to CMSimple_XH

CMSimple_XH 1.1.2 March 10. 2010 Build: 2010031001

based on: CMSimple version 3.3 - December 31. 2009

Many Thanks to Peter Andreas Harteg for providing CMSimple as free Open Source Software under the GPL3 licence since 2010:

"From December 31. 2009 CMSimple is released under the GPL 3 licence with no link requirements."

But please note:

"You may not remove copyright information from the files, and any modifications will fall under the copyleft conditions in the GPL 3."

Congratulations on your new installation of CMSimple_XH.

Default login is 'test' ('admin'/'test' if security type is wwwaut)

Remember to change login under settings.

Please read about File permissions and Security issues in the FAQ-section of www.cmsimple-xh.de.

The CMSimple_XH links

If you use an original or modified CMSimple_XH template, please leave the template-link at the bottom of the template. You may extend that link this way:

If you use another template inside a CMSimple_XH installation, we kindly ask that you link back to www.cmsimple-xh.de in your template, since this is a nice way to popularize the CMSimple_XH - Project and of giving something back to the community.

Thank you and have fun with CMSimple_XH



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